USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data)

USSD is a text base call from your mobile phone to a remote PC and can be used to provide independent calling services such as a call-back service or interactive data service. It is a highly cost effective mobile marketing solution that eliminates the need to physically phone each and every person in your database. It is typically charged at 20c for 20 seconds.


  • Mobile Banking
  • News Services
  • Sports Scores and fixtures
  • Submission Services
  • Feedback and Voting
  • Advertising listings
  • Directories Surveys


  • Low usage cost
  • Can be implemented on both Push and Pull USSD
  • Real Time
  • Fast and Responsive
  • Interactive Navigation
  • Can be used as a secure payment method
  • Multi-mode combinations

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Short Codes

Common Short Codes (CSS) are short numeric numbers (typically 4-6 digits) to which text messages, containing specific keywords, can be sent from a mobile phone. Create your own client database using short codes from a standard rate ( 50c ) to R20 keywords. Standard rated short codes are used when a campaign does not need to generate a profit off of the SMS campaign, people pay a standard network rate to SMS and this is paid directly to the network service provider (Maximum of 50c)…


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Please Call Me

We pioneered the incoming Please Call Me market with great responses through various channels of communications. Where the lower LSM markets are concerned, a Please Call Me marketing campaign is a highly effective marketing tool.


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API’s (Application program interface)

API is a set of tools for building software applications, it specifies how software components should interact and they are used when programming graphical user interface (GUI) components. A good API makes it easier to develop a program by providing all the building blocks, which can then be put together by a developer. Our SMS API will show you how to connect to our SMS gateway to send single or bulk SMS’s and create reply routes. You can even send long SMS’s which can be scheduled for future delivery.


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