Problem or Need

OpenView HD is South Africa's first free HD satellite TV service, with over 20 radio station and TV channels that offer endless exciting local and international entertainment. Open View HD had entered a highly competitive market and were facing the challenge of making sales of their decoders resulting in low awareness and low viewing of their channels. They wanted to create awareness of their services and increase sales of their decoders and ensure growth via installations of viewership nationally. They approached All Telecoms to assist with the task.

All Telecoms Solution

All Telecoms recommended a Short Code campaign and competition. We deployed a Short Code that allowed people to enter a cash prize completion by simply purchasing a decoder and sending their STB (Serial) numbers to Open view HD. All Telecoms strategically selected regions and areas that we deemed as targeted zones for increased sales and viewership of OHVD within which to focus the campaign. We automated weekly draw and selection of winners and used SMS to notify customers of their entries and if they had won. We also created a Mobi page site that we used to celebrate winners and showcase the campaign momentum via various social media platforms that we linked to the campaign. Winners were sent the URL for the Mobi page in order to post pictures of themselves with their decoders and their winnings.

Key Benefits and Outcomes

The campaign was a huge success resulting in over (number sold) decoders sold and an increase of (%) in new viewers secured. The campaign was also instrumental in gathering critical data required for OVHD to understand their viewer demographic and create a repository of client data for future campaigns. OVHD have now solicited All Telecoms to assist with another campaign now focused on loyalty rewards.

Statistic Review on OpenView

Number of USSD entries: 21075
Number of ShortCode entries: 13941
Number of SMSes sent: 48 957