New Integrated Credit Solutions

Problem or Need

New Integrated Credit Solutions (Pty) Ltd. (NICS) is a locally based leading provider of revenue management and debt recovery solutions servicing several major corporation across South Africa. NICS identified a challenge within their operations when it came to managing client enquiries and account queries, timeous feedback on account status and 2-way communications. This problem was affecting productivity and customer service levels.

All Telecoms Solution

All Telecoms proposed the development of a customised USSD for NICS operation. We created a unique application programme interface integration that could speak to their internal database. This integration served to firstly collaborate with internal staff procedures and activities and support customer interaction. The USSD would allow access to only NICS recognised or registered customers and allow for certain privileges and retrieval of information pertaining only to the particular customer query generated via USSD. The USSD was built to address frequently asked questions and requests by existing NICS clients and provide access to certain features and information such as;

  • Check balances
  • Make arrangements to pay
  • Status updates
  • Request balance statements to email
  • Request an agent to call you back.

Key Benefits and Outcomes

The USSD instantly transformed the organisations operational efficiency allowing staff more time to manage other critical areas of the business. Backlogs were eradicated and internal productivity was improved. This also relieved some long standing internal communication and management challenges resulting in an improved staff moral and workplace motivation. Ultimately customer satisfaction was greatly impacted and continues to thrive.