Babereki Employee Support Services

Problem or Need

Babereki Employee Support Services is a locally based financial institution providing financial insurance and mobile products and services to meet the basic lifestyle needs of South Africa's workforce. Babereki needed a way to connect more intimately with its customer base to drive demand for its products and services while developing a sustainable and relevant customer relationship management platform.

All Telecoms Solution

All Telecoms recommended a Push USSD service to achieve this. To do this All Telecoms had to firstly understand Babereki’s targeted market and audience and gain insights into their unique customer behaviour and perspectives. We integrated the Push USSD with Babereki's CR System allowing Babereki to initiate a Push SMS to brand the USSD number with the targeted audience. They invited them to dial the USSD and utilise their services via an interactive client menu of products and services. Customers dial the USSD line and access the menu to select products of interest and apply for financial products and related services. All Telecoms designed the customer menu to collect or gather client data that was required by the internal credit vetting teams to conduct credit approvals by utilising real-time two-way communication during the application process over Push USSD. Customer information gathered during USSD sessions is also re-purposed to inform future product development and better customer insights.

Key Benefits and Outcomes

The USSD product provided by All Telecoms has shortened the customer journey for Babereki resulting in improved operational management. With the USSD system in place, Babereki is able to connect with their customers directly and provide efficient hassle free and accessible platform for client engagement. The system is also very effective in meeting in defining customer needs and while allowing for user friendly product selection and application. Customer service has improved significantly with an added advantage being the increase in new sales of their various financial products and services that influences repeat business going forward.